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Keep your code secure with ProlipsIT Security!

Prolips-IT™ is a security framework, that lets you analyse your source code, identify weak spots and take the appropriate actions.

Prolips-IT™ includes several tools to keep you aware of changes on your website, like file changes and infections in your database.

Prolips-IT™ can also run fully automated, so that you never have to worry about your website ever again

Several features of Prolips-IT™ are:

Broken link scanner

The broken link scanner scours youre website for links that lead to websites or files that don't exist anymore.

malware scanner

It is possible that your website or database is already infected with malicious code. Run Prolips-IT's malware detection script on your main url to detect any backdoors, javascript injection or other malicious code.

File watcher

Get notified when files on your server are created, changed or deleted. Being aware of changes happening on your site gives you the possibility to react quickly against possible attacks.


Check if your IP is blacklisted in known spam lists.

Vulnerability scanner

Find vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection and Script injection vulnerabilities, in your PHP code or of a complete directory.


Can run fully automated, so you don't need to worry anymore.